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80 Varick St
New York, NY, 10013
United States


Connecting the world with playful social invention. 



We use our energy-generating products and our Think Out of Bounds curriculum to challenge traditional approaches to global issues while empowering youth to invent the world they want. 

The SOCCKET turns one of the most popular games in Africa into a source of electricity and progress. You can imagine this in villages all across the continent.
— U.S. President Barack Obama

Light is Life. 

The Power Problem

  • Nearly 2 billion people around the world lack access to reliable electricity. 
  • Without access to clean power, every single aspect of person's life is negatively affected. Lack of electricity access has been linked to the following global issues: low rates of education, lung cancer and disease, perpetual poverty, high rates of infant mortality, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Empower Problem

  • People do not believe in the power of their own ideas.
  • The "creativity myth" leads people around the world to believe that their thoughts, actions, and words cannot have a meaningful impact. 

How we help

Uncharted Play works with established non-profit organizations around the world, using play as a tool to address global issues and inspire social invention

Our play products--like the SOCCKET and the PULSE--provide immediate fun to those living in situations where there is often little to smile about. By providing off-grid power, our products address the short-term need for electricity that can be at the root of many global ills. Finally, our social invention curriculum, Think Out of Bounds, sustains our impact by teaching children around the world how to use the resources around them to invent solutions to their problems.