How we use play for good.

We Disarm Global Issues and Inspire Social Invention

There are not enough people trying to creatively address the social issues facing the global community. The fewer people we have trying to address our problems in unique ways, the less likely we will be able to solve them. 

According to a 2013 Gallup Poll, over 83% of households in the United States donated to charity and 65% spent time volunteering. This data suggests that people care about social issues. So why aren't more people engaged in social invention?

We've isolated two key factors:

1. People do not know about the problems we are facing

2. People do not believe their unique thoughts, words or actions have value

We want to get as many people to believe they can create something that matters. By educating the global community, we will raise awareness of social issues and expand the number of people working towards solutions. With our guidance and specialized curriculum, we will help people around the world to develop their social invention products. 


How We Help

  • Providing cheerful renewable sources of power for resource-poor communities
  • Offering tangible fun tools for global STEM education 
  • Being a platform to motivate organic physical activity
  • Using our products to inspire global social invention

How You Can Help

With the purchase of every Uncharted Play product, you sponsor a child in need, providing light and inspiring STEM education. For details on our products, please visit our Products page.

We also aim to inspire social invention -- in you! Discover your inner creative, and share you ideas on global social issues. Together, we can find the surprising, creative solutions to invent a better world.

SOCCKET: Where It Has Been and Where It Is Going

The SOCCKET is currently in Mexico and the United States. We had large pilot programs in Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa. SOCCKETs are scheduled for distribution to Benin, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and South Africa. 


Case Studies


To read about our SOCCKET case study in Mexico, click here. 


To see the social impact of the SOCCKET in Nigeria, click here.